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Bad Day? (rant)

Argh. (hello bloggers!)

Today was a bad day. Started off really well then just plummeted. (waon waon waon.. *cue "This sucks" music) I really hate how I over analyze certain situations and am really sensitive we'll say? Why must I be cursed with over-emotions?! Over-reacting at the slightest emotional-trigger. *le sigh.

Lots of things past my mind everyday... :3 this often leads to spacing out but yeppers. Anyways, on with my over-analyzing powers, WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE SO DAMN IGNORANT? Would it kill you to keep your mouth shut if you don't have anything nice to say? Do you even THINK of what you're saying? Is your own world the only what that exist? Are insults just JOKES? Why must everything go YOUR way? You do realize there are people living around you right? ...

It's so frustrating! Have you ever met someone like that? Every action and movement that that certain person does makes you mad. If you haven't, consider yourself VERY lucky :D cause they are a pain in the arse.

There's this guy. It's really just *facepalm! The way he talks and deals with situations is just saddening or rude. Has he learned manners? That I am not sure of.

When asked the question: Why do you think women are good for?
He answers: Bangin' the shit outta them.

LIKE SERIOUSLY? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Hasn't our society defeated the sexism that we had in the early years? I may be a girl and overreacting but I'm almost certain there would be many guys appalled by his way of thinking. And it doesn't end here...

I'm pretty sure he has never done any homework by himself. Always asking for homework and answers. He pulls our math class back. Alright, math is hard and people learn at different speeds. BUT, this is a IB math class. Why would you enroll in IB without being prepared to work?! All the positive consequences gained from IB are not handed to you.

And when it comes to music, no other style of music is better then his own. No other instrument, no other things then what he prefers. I play flute.. Flute sucks, it sounds horrible, you're not playing with us. Doesn't seem like a big deal right? Well my over freakin' over-sensitiveness got the best of me and voila: upset patty.

GAHHH. I just want to like know what he thinks inside his head! Does he think and just say it? Or just not think and blurt out whatever comes to mind? I want to know what pushes him to say the certain things he says!!

So fellow bloggers, how do you deal with these people? It's just so =.=

-pat (is very mad, frustrated and NYAAAAA :3)


Buzz said...

Why are you so confused?