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Hey Y'all!

Hai THAR World,

So I've arrived in Austin, Texas. The capital of the second biggest state in America, and perhaps one of the hottest. Gosh it's hot here... almost in the 40's? This is ridiculous. It's funny, I came dressed as a Canadian: Thin pants, T-shirt, and 3/4 sleeve sweater. That would have been fine in Canada... yes Canada. NOT HERE.

SO how's Texas so far? Well, for starters, everything is big. The houses, the food packages, the houses (they have houses on top of hills, how cool is that?), the people, the cars, the yards, the streets. Everything in Texas is big.

And also, everyone is white :S I feel really foreign lol! Everyone is white, tanned but white... I don't think I've seen may Asians or anyone else for that matter :P

My flight was good I guess, I sat beside an Irish guy. He didn't have an accent though... he moved seats later anyways. But the flight was quite rough to my liking. Especially the landing, to be honest, the dropping feeling creeped back up. I've never been nervous..... until now.

I squeezed my hand between the seats (Why I did this; I don't know), and I guess I just relaxed :) But overall, I'm alive.

I'd thought I'd inform about that fact :3

Anywho, BAI <3