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Hai Thar World,

3 words. EXAMS EXAMS EXAMS. AHHHHH! I'm going crazy, well not really. But I have been really lazy lately (you can thank the super easy term for that). Math, French, Gym and Integrated Arts... how much more awesome can it get? Not really... It's been getting me very lazy since I practically didn't get any homework. Lucky me eh?

OH OH OH!! >.<
Guess who got their IB acceptance letter and is officially signed up to take Grd 11 math next year :) That's right you guessed it, my friend Cathy. Just kidding, it's me! (*facepalms at the fail attempt of the joke)

The thing is that since the program is new to my school, they NEED people to join the program so basically you automatically get in. But but but... It's always nice to make it nice and official by getting an acceptance letter through the mail :)

But that's enough about school. What's new with life? I got a haircut? It's okay I guess, I don't hate it... but I guess I have to let it grow a little before really liking it :)

I guess that's all for this entry.


Mag-J said...

Get ready for BS.
Or how to BS everything and still get 100% :D:D
IBs are thee best at BS =)

SimpleDork said...

Haha thanks *bows* :D:D!!

BS.. like I dont do that enough O_O

but the 100% sound nice