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Sick...ah phooie

Well this sucks. Being sick. The never ending sneezes, the roaring coughs and the constant nose-plugger voice changer. Ahh, who can forget the feeling of being sick -_- So here you go.. but when you think about it? What are the pros and cons of being sick? Let's see how many we can find XD

- No school? :D
- HOMEWORK TIME.. well if you're feeling good enough to do it.
- Sleep :)
- Awesome make you feel better meals!
- Chillaxing time at home?

- You feel like crap.
- You look like crap.
- The medicine taste like crap.
- You're tired like crap.

So as you've noticed, being sick doesn't only have downsides to it. But is all the same, a pain in the butt. Home alone with a mug of french vanilla in front of a computer.. Yup that's what you called being sick...


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And so is the rest of the world *big sigh*