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Hai Thar World,

I've been so busy. Aiya only two post in May... I'm so bad. Woot woot badass patty :P Anyhoo lots of things have happened lately and been going through my mind.

So first of all, May 25th. What's so important about that day? Well.. it was my birthday!! :D:D I got a phone. Super uber right? And my inbox got spammed and I got the ritual birthday harrassments at the pool :P But all that was fun

On the sidenote, I've joined the Visual Arts Commitee at school :) So we have an exposition next week, and we're making shirts... Which I am half done. Fml. But it's all fun I guess.. People coming together to share their art :D!!

OOOO... MMAY 27th. We had the district games. And guess who's school is number one in the district? THAT'S RIGHT.... OURS. Renaissance are the winners of the 2008-2009 District Games. It was one of THE best days of the school year :)

This weekend, I'm biking 50Km for Heart and Stroke :) Wish me luck >.<

And that's it for a quick update... I thought more happened .. but I guess it didn't. Anyhow, I'll try to update more ofter ehe.