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A Sigh of Relief.


So that's it, exams are OVER. Well they were over last Friday but I didn't have time to publish a "full official announcement". Teehee. So how did they go you ask? You can say math went pretty well as I sat there for 15 minutes waiting as the clock would tick-away faster so I could finally leave. Double-checked twice and finished in a whole whopping 45 minutes. Grade 9 math is really a joke... and I'm not doing any crazy math-enhancing kumon like all the asians out there.

So Patty sat there for 15minutes listening to the clock and passing the time by drawing on my formula paper. Wonderful fail drawings, but that's okay I passed the time. After 450 ticks and another 450 tocks, I exited the classroom. In the hallway, I started doing my happydance consisting in a series of awkward super asian happy "dance" moves. That was my last exam!

My French exam was pretty relax... I think I wrote way too much though. Hmf, whatever, there is no such thing as too much writing? :D But that whole 1h30 was filled with whispers of answer-sharing (I admit, I cheated for one fill-in-the-blanks answer...bad patty I know), a girl received a text msg and you could hear the resonating vibrations, the steps people were taking outside, and the footsteps of the guarding teacher patrolling our class. What a wonderful exam.

What else? Gym written exam! Like seriously? It's ridiculous. It was basically this one guy who wouldn't shut up. I swear I was ready to beat him with my pencil case; he sat in front of me. But nonetheless, this exam was pretty easy too. I just messed up on the badminton serve question... asianmajorfailiknow.

And last but not least, my wonderful intergrated arts exam (visual art, drama and music). It was pretty easy to cheat on that exam, I witness people doing it... Though I did not >.< Also, our teacher was very unaware of his surroundings which made it even easier to do so. All that I remember from this exam is that my hand hurt was cramped and hurt after it. Imagine being able to sqeeze your hand in a jar and wiggeling it around for a good hour and a half and then breaking the jar... yesh my hand felt the same way... Anyways, I guess this sums up my super awesome exams.

(My locker kinda looked liked this lawls.) Super non?

Here is an example of a zen- like method for future exams (click)