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(Rant Alert!) EQAO anyone?

Hai Thar World,

O.M.G. The EQAO. We got our results back from our teacher today, I did good... if you dont' count the ONLY question I got wrong.

I had one mistake out of the whole test. I was probably the easiest question not to mention the very first one.

My thoughts when I heard the news.

Hey Patty, look at that you got one of the highest marks... wait a minute. WHAT'S THIS? ONLY ONE QUESTION WRONG?

Oh god, I remember this. HOW CAN YOU GET THIS WRONG, you know this!!? *starts self-mutilation. E.g: Banging hea
d on desk.

Oh yes this always solves the problem. Anyhoo, I'm so mad at myself. For once, I could have gotten a perfect test. Not that I didn't get it during unit test but this one is different...

Why oh why magical Math God, does this always happen to me?
Always screwing up just a little, enough to make it a big deal @_@ This totally sucks. Why can't I always get perfect like all my asian descendants?

You can now call this.

An Asian fail.


Mag-J said...


Its okayyy

The comic makes up for it +)

SimpleDork said...

Grr.. one question QQ ..

Yuppers.. calvin and Hobbs, gotta love it :)