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OMG. TRIPOD! and comments


I got a tripod! I had before but it was liek 15cm tall... not quite practical. But NOW, I have a full-size one! Which is so uberly AWESOME! :D Sorry for the random spazzing.. but I'm so happy! It really gives me alot more opportunities to take pictures.

Talking about pictures, my editing is getting better and better after each picture :D It's a really great feeling. And plus, people are commenting on my artwork! MINE :D To know that people actually enjoyed to view my art is really a great feeling. Makes you happy on the inside you know?

That's one of the reason I write detailed comments... to show how much i appreciated it and well just to show that i also really enjoyed their work. It's always a pleasure to receive them as to give them out to know that you've made that person smile.

Burning Sky

Cool huh? This was the sunset after the huge storm passed in RichmondHill. I literally ran out in my pj's to take the picture ^^ Yes I was in PJs till sunset? Why not? They're so comfy :3

Oh about the storm, Maple had a tornado! A FREAKING TORNADO! How scary yet uberly cool is that? xD It's a shame though that some houses were destroyed and some people were injured though. It's the first time I've heard anything about a tornado near little richmond hill. Hmm well I thought it was still a tad cool!